Threat Assessment Training


Table of Contents

PowerPoint for Training

1. 1-Hour Version 07-08: Student Threats of Violence

2. 2-Day Version Jan. 2008: Legally Sound, Effective Guidelines for Responding to Student Threats of Violence**

Section 1: Post Test - Threat Scenarios

Post Test - Threat Scenarios
Answers to Post Test - Threat Scenarios

Section 2: Threat Inquiry

USSS & DOE Guidelines for Threat Inquiry Summary Report
Eleven Questions to Guide Data Collection in a Threat Assessment Inquiry

Section 3: Prevention, Intervention, and Monitoring

Universal, Selected, and Targeted/Intensive
Surgeon Generals Report on Youth Violence: Programs That Work
Coordination and Monitoring of Interventions
Behavior Intervention Plan

Section 4: A.R.M.S. Case Studies

Mitch, Ramon, and Carlie Descriptions
Mitch's Behavior Intervention Plan
Ramon's Behavior Intervention Plan
Carlie's Behavior Intervention Plan

Section 5: Special Education Discipline Forms

Manifestation Determination Discussion Guide
Suspension Beyond 10 Cumulative Days
Services for Suspension Past Cumulative 10 School Days
Determining Eligibility Following a Serious Code of Conduct Violation of a Gen Ed Student

Section 6: References

Threat Assessment References

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