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School and DistrictWhen a region and/or district initiates positive change efforts, sites are enabled to evaluate those techniques that facilitate positive practices, and those that do not. Throughout California and the nation, Positive Behavioral Support Initiatives are in evidence. For information on efforts throughout the nation, contact www.pbis.org. Three tiers of student needs are addressed: universal interventions at a school site, selected interventions for students with repeated difficulties, and students with intensive needs for individual support plans.

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Example of a Schoolwide Effort: Behavior Support Calls

PENT Cadre Member, Bob Harvell, formerly of Poway School District, has led Mira Mesa Middle School in a program that attempted to prevent referrals to the office. Instead of discipline for infractions, this program uses "Behavior Support Calls" where an administrator does on the spot functional assessment of the problem behavior. This program exemplifies best practice elements in data collection, system change and effective practice.

Overview of Behavior Support Calls-12 minute video - Please wait for the video to load for about 3 minutes with high-speed internet connection. Video requires Quicktime 6 or higher. Click here to download the free player

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