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PENT Cadre Leadership Team 2017

We would like to thank and acknowledge members of the PENT Cadre Leadership Team who so graciously gave of their time and expertise to assist the PENT Director in designing materials and leading groups of PENT Cadre members at the PENT Summit and subsequent Forums.

1. Valerie Johnson, Psy.D., DCS Director

2. Vanessa Smith, M.A., BCBA, PENT Director

3. Stacy Alvey, LCSW, School Psychologist

4. Vira Caro-Michel, M.S., LEP, BCBA, School Psychologist

5. Karen Coleman, LCSW, Administrator

6. Clinton Eatmon, M.A., Behavior Intervention Specialist

7. Ann England, M.A., CCC-SLP-L, DCN Assistant Director

8. Bruce M. Gale, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

9. J.P. Grelet, M.S., BCBA, PBIS Coordinator

10. Scott Gutentag, Ph.D., School Psychologist

11. Meggan Haesche Hickman, Behavior Specialist

12. Denise Keller, M.A., BCBA, Behavior Specialist

13. Mary Anne Klenske, Program Specialist

14. Ruxandra Manu, Psy.D., School Psychologist

15. Martin Miramontes, M.A., BCBA, School Psychologist

16. Linda Nelson Faught, Resource Specialist Teacher

17. Rebecca Peck, M.A., Behavior Intervention Specialist

18. Jamie S. Salter, Ed.S., BCBA, Senior Program Specialist

19. Martha Schultz, M.Ed., SELPA Director

20. Margaret A. Sedor, M.S., NCSP, ABSNP, LEP, School Psychologist

21. Holly Shubin, M.A., School Psychologist

22. Sandy Smith, M.A., LEP, BCBA, School Psychologist

23. Rebecca Valero, M.A., NCSP, LEP, Behavior Specialist

24. Tara Zombres, M.Ed., NCED, BCBA, Education Specialist


SELPA PENT Behavior Committee:

1. Steve Collins, SELPA Director, West Contra Costa USD

2. Patty Metheny, SELPA Director, East Valley SELPA

3. Anjanette Pelletier, SELPA Director, San Mateo County SELPA

4. Kathy Skeels, SELPA Director, San Joaquin SELPA



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