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Sent: Monday, October 26, 2009 1:57 PM
Subject: Reducing disproportionality in office referrals, etc.

Greetings PENT Supporters!

This is Diana Browning Wright reporting in. I know you will be soon receiving more updates on PENT website changes and PENT future activities. Just wanted you to be aware of a few changes that were made to the PENT web over the summer, and some current work.

Across the country there is more and more attention being paid to disporportionality not only of minorities in special education identification and degree of restrictive placements, but also in office discipline referrals. In my work with districts, I have been focusing on refining what happens in the school in terms of the entire referral process. By altering the process from a Office DISCIPLINE Referral to an Office SUPPORT Referral, an administrator has an expanded number of options that provide better tracking of who is referring and for what purpose, as well as a supportive interaction process that identifies some of the roots of the problem for further action.
See: Pay special attention to the newest form: which is a documentation form for administrators to clearly track the support process. Even a few weeks of examining practices with this packet can be an "AHAA" and result in improved practices.

Clay Cook, former PENT Leader and I are working with this and behavioral RtI in New York and Nebraska in three districts, and I am also working with it in between 11-25 schools across Arizona. We will keep you posted.

Also, Clay and I just finished a book you may wish to view, " RtI in Restrictive Setting: The Tiers Model for Students with Emotional/Behavior Disorders" through LRP publications. Not much has been written about quality programming for EBD students, and we are hoping for a large federal grant based on this book. The entire book is a compilation of research we have done (and ED intiatives we have led) and research of others across the country. We'll keep you posted on grant outcomes too.

Remember, "None of Us is As Skilled As All of Us." Kim Morton and Cindy Chacón are available co-coordinators of PENT 2009-2010 and are available to consult on behavior through PENT. In keeping with our motto: I hope you too will contribute to the on-going PENT process.

I have enjoyed seeing many of our Cadre members across the state of late; keep up the great work! Amazing how much impact we have all had working together.


Diana Browning Wright
Co-Founder PENT
Former PENT Director


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