Evidence-Based Practices for Students with ASD
From: PENT
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 12:16 PM
Subject: Evidence-Based Practices for Students with ASD

Greetings PENT Supporters,

Hope this Fall is just the beginning of a successful year!

Recently, several reports have been released which identify a variety of evidence-based practices (EBPs) for use with students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Use of EBPs should also be reflected throughout positive behavior support plans for students with ASDs.

The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders (NPDC) is one organization that has released a report on EBP (http://autismpdc.fpg.unc.edu).  That report identified 24 EBPs, and many can easily be incorporated into a positive behavior support plan. For example:

  • Environmental changes, structure and supports needed to remove the students need to use the behavior may include visual supports or self-management strategies.
  • Teaching strategies and replacement behaviors may include functional communication training, prompting, and task analysis.
  • Finally, consequence strategies identified in the BSP may include such EBPs as reinforcement and extinction.

As you Fall into your prescribed routines, keep the Cadre in mind for support.

PENT Leadership Team



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