Resources Related to Social-Emotional Learning

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Sent: Monday, September 28, 2015 1:50 PM
Subject: Resources Related to Social-Emotional Learning

Greetings PENT Cadre, California SELPA Directors, and other listserv members:

2015-2016 is under way, and planning for the next PENT Forum is proceeding! There is much to look forward to!

In this email, I wanted to share with you some resources related to stress management, optimism research, and social-emotional learning. As we know, addressing these issues is becoming more and more critical given the number of students exposed to trauma and the pressure on families in our society. Whether addressed in one-on-one sessions due to pressing need, or in all-classroom sessions led by teachers, we can offer a continuum of care to better prepare students to cope with stress that spills into the classroom.

  • See for reviews of social emotional learning curriculum taught by teachers.
  • See for MIND-UP curriculum. This low cost, high outcome evidence-based curriculum for pre-K-8th grade is substantively impacting many schools I work with across the country. It covers four areas: 1. How your brain works, 2. Taking mindful brain breaks 3. Being aware of your senses 4. Gratitude and Optimism. The outcomes are amazing!
  • See for emotional regulation curricula for adolescents through 12th grade.
  • See for assessment tools for staff and students. This is the work of Dr. Martin Seligman and Optimism training that prevents development of internalizing disorders in students and staff.
  • See and (greater good in action) for a wealth of materials to help students and staff.
  • See: The Optimistic Child by Dr. Martin Seligman, available at Amazon. This is a great read for PLCs, written in informal style for teachers and parents that describe the work at University of Pennsylvania on creating optimism. Also, Google research articles by Dr. Seligman.
  • See Leah Altemeier relax and thrive guided relaxation strategies for kids. This is available for purchase on Amazon.

Here are some great apps that people have found helpful on this topic of mindfulness:

Do YOU have suggestions related to this topic? Please share!

Diana Browning Wright
PENT Director


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