Kudos, Updates, and Research Tools
From: PENT
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 9:39 AM
Subject: Message from Diana Browning Wright: Kudos, updates, and research tools

Greetings Cadre members, SELPA Directors, and supporters!


As former Director of PENT, I was thrilled to hear how many Cadre members were able to attend the recent PENT Forums. I  reviewed the notebook material, and received some messages from Cadre members about how valuable the Forum was.  I know the current PENT leaders worked diligently to get you quality content. Kudos for their hard work. I am so pleased, as I know you are, to know that PENT will continue!

I have been quite busy around  California, and the country, directing initiatives in Behavioral RtI, Threat Assessment, improving ED programs, addressing overidentification and disproportionality, proactive classroom management, teaching how to maximize value added scores in general and special education and other topics.  Phew. Exciting time in education, though challenging isn’t it! Many of these materials are posted on the PENT website, and I will be submitting more for posting in the spring. See: www.pent.ca.gov.


Many of us are beginning to the impact and controversies  the movement to include value added assessment in teacher evaluations  is having on teacher receptivity to learning proactive classroom management techniques. Great time to be linking this information to our efforts to improve how classrooms are run!  I have learned that by using “Google Scholar,” I can find the research supporting much of what we do. What a time saver! See: http://scholar.google.com/  and then enter key search words such as “controversy value added assessment” or “negative impact class size.” It is an amazing tool for quickly gathering research on so many, many topics!

Also, listed below are some of the resources available on the web that both Clay Cook, now at University of Washington (our former PENT leader/researcher), and I have found useful. You may already be aware of some of these, or have others to suggest for all of us to examine.

Websites to Search for Evidence-Based Interventions and Practices


Best Wishes and Happy New Year to All! Keep up the good work!

“None of Us is as Skilled as All of Us!”

Diana Browning Wright



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