Accommodations and Modifications: Differentiating Instruction and Promoting Staff Implementation in the Era of High Standards


Table of Contents


PowerPoint Slides
References for Introduction: Advances in Research on Instruction

Section 1: Accommodations/Modifications

What is Accommodated? What is Modified?
Common Definitions: Adaptations, Accommodations, Modifications
Nine Types of Curriculum Adaptations
Testing Accommodations/Modifications
Hierarchical Differentiated Supports/Accommodations/Modifications
Hierarchy of Access
Possible Objections to Accommodation Bypass Strategies
Notification of Teacher Responsibility for Accommodations or Modifications
Accommodation Plan Form
Accommodation/Modification Plan Form
Individual Curriculum Adaptation Plan Form

Section 2: Input/Output Adaptations and Differentiated Instruction

Impulsive Children
Luria's Developmental Model of Self-Regulation/Self-Control
Differentiating Instruction/Accommodation Diverse Learners
Cognitive/Academic and Behavioral/Social Phenomena
Strengthening Attending/Learning Skills Across Tasks
Sample Graphic Organizer Patterns
Paragraph Pre-Writing Strategies
Paragraph Writing Strategies
Spelling Strategies
SQ3R Method of Study
Group Story Mapping
Strategy for Improving Reading Comprehension
Sequential Clustering
Procedural Map for Stories
Word Clues to Help with Math Problems
More Strategies for Word Problems

Section 3: The Learning Strengths Project

The Learning Strengths Conference
The Learning Strengths Project:
- I. Nuts and Bolts on Instituting Learning Strengths Seminars & Classroom Follow-up at Middle School/High School
- II. Learning Strengths Seminar: Portfolios Component
- III. The Learning Strengths Conferences: A One to One Demystification Process
- IV. Ownership Demonstration: Asking For and Analyzing My Accommodations/ Modifications

Attentional Control Systems
Problems Students Have in Test-Taking
The Learning Strengths Project References

Section 4: Strategies For Overcoming Resistance

Potential Steps to Decrease Teacher Resistance to Implementing IEP Team Derived Accommodations
Questions and Answers Teachers and Parents Ask About Using Reinforcement

Section 5: Activities and Case Studies

Activity: Michelle's Accommodation History
Accommodation Planning Case Studies
Case Study Record Sheet
Brendan Case Study
Brendan's Individual Curriculum Adaptation Plan
John Case Study
John's Individual Curriculum Adaptation Plan
Dolores Case Study
Philip Case Study
Nathan Case Study
Nathan's Individual Curriculum Adaptation Plan
Mae Lee Case Study
Joseph Case Study
Joseph's Individual Curriculum Adaptation Plan
Bruce Case Study
Accommodations/Modifications Statewide/District/Class Testing
Testing Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications



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